Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2002;26(4):363-372.
Published online October 31, 2002.
동북아 경쟁항만들의 선호도 분석에 관한 연구
정태원, 곽규석
A Study on Analysis of the Preference of Container Ports in Northeast Asia - with the case of Busan Container Port -
Tae-Woo Chung, Kyo-Seok Kwak
Recently, mutual economy cooperation in Northeast Asia has leaded steady growth among main countries of it and rather promoted a single economy circle. In this region, Busan container port competes with main container ports in China, Taiwan and Japan in it for attracting transshipment container traffic of north-Shanghai in China and far-east Russia. Therefore, this paper aims to suggest competitive strategies for Busan container port to attract container traffic in Northeast Asia. To do so, it evaluates the preference of important ports in the competitive situation and competitiveness edgy of important ports in Northeast Asia, and finally proposes the relative order of important factors. Based on the evaluation of it, first, the Busan ports have to strengthen port facilities to attract more traffic and in detail, reinforce the number of berth, yard areas and handling equipment Second, they also have to provide high quality of services to deliver cargos in time, not being damaged and swiftly response to shipowner and shipper’s claim. Third, they need to review the strategy to adopt flexible tariff policy and to invest the profit from tariff in port service and facilities, as providing higher port tariff level by a regular rate.
Key Words: hub port;port competition;Northeast Asia;transshipment traffic;container

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