Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2010;34(6):487-492.
Published online August 30, 2010.
울산 신항 개발에 따른 항계 및 정박지 확장에 관한 연구
윤귀호, 김부영, 박진수, 이윤석
Enlargement of Harbour limit and Anchorages according to the development of New Ulsan Port
Gwi-Ho Yun, Bu-Young Kim, Jin-Soo Park, Yun-Sok Lee
Ulsan Port is the biggest base port for liquid cargoes in Korea and is pushing in earnest for the development of the 'Ulsan New Port' and 'Northeast Asia Oil-Hub' to prepare for continuous shipment growth. However, Ulsan is in the situation which the harbour limit and anchorages are narrower than other trading ports and the occurrence probability of marine accidents is very high due to heavy marine traffic. We will find and suggest the plan to enlarge the harbour limit essentially needed to expand anchorages considering the geomorphological features of Ulsan and the volume of marine traffic in this research. For the enlargement of harbour limit needed to expand anchorages, the anchorage area needed for Ulsan New Port was calculated after the quantitative analysis of enlargement range through the mutual comparison of the area of harbour limit and anchorages with berths and the volume of marine traffic. The reasonable type of harbour limit, which is based on the survey by a group of experts, was also determined after the decision of the range of harbour limit to accommodate the relevant anchorages.
Key Words: Port development;Harbour limit;Anchorage;Marine traffic;Competitiveness of harbour

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