Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2010;34(1):15-19.
Published online February 28, 2010.
5.2GHz 무선 LAN의 전자파 환경 대책용 전파흡수체에 관한 연구
유건석, 최동수, 김동일
A Study on EM Wave Absorber for Electromagnetic Wave Environment of Wireless LAN at 5.2 GHz
Gun-Suk Yoo, Dong-Sao Choi, Dong-Il Kimt
Recently, the wireless LAN system is rapidly growing because of its convenience of high speed communication. However, the wireless LAN systems at indoor places occur multi-propagation path by reflected waves from walls, ceilings, floors, and desks. Multipath problems cause transmission errors and degradation of communication speed These problems can be solved by using EM wave absorbers. In this paper, we analyzed property of Graphite and derived the optimum ratio of Graphite: CPE to develop EM wave absorber for the wireless LAN system First, we fabricated several samples in different composition ratios of Graphite and CPE, and then measured the reflection coefficient of each samples. Material constants of permittivity and permeability were calculated using the measured data and designed EM wave absorber. Secondly, the EM wave absorber was fabricated and tested on the base of the simulation data As a result, it showed that the EM wave absorber in 1.7 mm thickness with the ratio of Graphite: CPE = 50 : 50 wt.% has excellent absorption ability more than 27 dB at 5.2 GHz.
Key Words: 무선LAN; EM wave absorber;Graphite;Wireless LAN;material constant;absorption ability;multipath problem

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