Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2008;32(6):505-513.
Published online August 30, 2008.
연안역에 입지하는 주거단지 생활자의 거주환경 만족도에 관한 연구
A study on the Residential Satisfaction of Environrnental Condition for Housing Complexes located in Coastal Areas
Myung-Kwon Lee
Regarding the developmental plans for the coastal areas and marine architectures, this study deal with the overall planning of apartment complexes in waterfront areas. focusing upon the analysis of their comfort and convenience factors from the perspective of the potential residence. It also analysis the intra- complex comfort and satisfaction conditions in terms of their floor-by-floor, directional. and location factors. The results of the study are as follows: 1) The order of respondents ' preference un directional factor has been found to be: South > Southeast>Southwest>East>others. 2) 67% of the people surveyed on scenery responded that outward view is considered more significant than the directional factor. 3) A comprehensive analysis of floor zone specific view preference shared that there were only minor differences among quay wall, arc, and river- seashore types. The impact of the characteristics of the marine environments turned out to be a greater point of consideration; showing that the other of floor-preference is: high-level>ultra-high level >middle level>low level.
Key Words: Coastal areas;The most favorable direction and floor zone;Housing complexes; Satisfaction of residents

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