Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2008;32(6):459-464.
Published online August 30, 2008.
컨테이너 크레인을 위한 모델기반 퍼지제어기 설계
이수룡, 이윤형, 안종갑, 손정기, 최재준, 소명옥
Design of a Model-Based Fuzzy Controller for Container Cranes
Soo-Lyong Lee, Yun-Hyung Lee, Jong-Kap Ahn, Jeong-Ki Son, Jae-Jun Choi, Myung-Ok So
In this paper, we present the model-based fuzzy controller for container cranes which effectively performs set-point tracking control of trolley and anti-swaying control under system parameter and disturbance changes. The first part of this paper focuses on the development of Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy modeling in a nonlinear container crane system Parameters of the membership functions are adjusted by a RCGA to have same dynamic characteristics with nonlinear model of a container crane, In the second part, we present a design methodology of the model- based fuzzy controller. Sub-controllers are designed using LQ control theory for each subsystem in fuzzy model and then the proposed controller is performed with the combination of these sub-controllers by fuzzy IF-THEN rules. In the results of simulation. the fuzzy model showed almost similar dynamic characteristics compared to the outputs of the nonlinear container crane model. Also, the model-based furry controller showed not only the fast settling time for the change in parameter and disturbance, but also stable and robust control performances without any steady-s tate error.
Key Words: Container cranes;Parameter change;Fuzzy model;RCGA(Real-coded genetic algorithm); Model-based fuzzy controller

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