Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2014;38(5):479-484.
Published online October 31, 2014.
국내 선종별 선박승무원 피로도 분석에 관한 연구
A Study on the Analysis of Crew Members Fatigue Survey for the Ship Types in Kore
Won-Jae Yang
This paper presents the crew members fatigue survey in order to understand the current state of various fatigue causal factors and personnel fatigue subjective symptoms, and then analyzes the survey items. The results of this survey are as follows. Firstly, many crew members were struggling with the lack of sleep and rest hour. Secondly, environmental factors such as weather, ship motion and vibration, noise, accommodation condition etc. disturbed the sleep of crew members. In third, their duty hours were more than 10 hours per day in certain types of ship. In fourth, they felt fatigue a lot when they were on board because of the workload and stress. Lastly, in some measurement items of fatigue symptoms(physical, mental, emotional), many crew members were experiencing more than moderate fatigue symptoms.
Key Words: marine accidents;human factors;human error;crew members fatigue;sleep our;duty our;stress;rest;fatigue subjective symptom

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