Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2013;37(4):429-438.
Published online August 31, 2013.
선박조직 구성원의 속성신뢰가 집단응집성 및 조직유효성에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구
김종태, 조호행, 신용존
A Study on the Effect of Swift Trust on the Cohesiveness and Organizational Effectiveness of Ship Organization
Jong-Tea Kim, Ho-Heang Cho, Yong-John Shin
This study set up research models and hypothesis in order to analyze those factors assuming that swift trust affects group cohesiveness, group cohesiveness affects organizational civil activities and organizational effectiveness (job satisfaction and organizational commitment) and at the same time plays as a medium for the swift trust, organizational civil activities and organizational effectiveness. Based upon these finding, variables in the ship unit are analyzed through surveys. This shows that the swift trust has statistically a meaningful and beneficial impact on group cohesiveness which has statistically a meaningful and beneficial impact on organizational civil activities and organization effectiveness. In terms of effects of crew members’ the swift trust on organizational civil activities, organizational commitment, and job satisfaction, group cohesiveness has a partial medicated effect.. This paper has its significance in practically proving that the established swift trust of crew members increase group cohesiveness, the heightened group cohesiveness results in the changes of behaviors and attitudes of crew members in the seagoing vessel.
Key Words: swift trust;group cohesiveness;organizational civil activities;organizational commitment;job satisfaction

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