Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2012;36(10):851-856.
Published online December 31, 2012.
충돌사고 사례분석을 통한 구난시스템 개선에 관한 연구
정창현, 남택근, 정중식
A Study on the Improvement of Salvage Procedures through the Collision Accident of Ships
Chang-Hyun, Jung, Taek-Kun, Nam, Jung-Sik, Jeong
There has been increasing the possibility of occurring the marine accident and become bigger the extent of damage with the growing number and high speed of ships. Also, there were tremendous loss of lives and properties in accidents of Hebei spirit in 2007 and Cheon Ahan war ship in 2010 with the insufficient salvage response and the lack of emergency response systems. When a ship has suffered an incident, the best way of preventing damage or pollution from its progressive deterioration would be to providing a place of refuge and to repair the damage rapidly. Therefore, it was examined the recent collision accident broken out near the Nam-Hae, and then suggested that it was necessary to be improved of the domestic salvage systems. It requires the procedures of providing a place of refuge, and the towing support system which make the damaged ship moved to the safe area, and joining of the ISU.
Key Words: marine accident;emergency response systems;place of refuge;salvage systems;towing support system

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