Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2012;36(8):665-671.
Published online October 31, 2012.
자동화 컨테이너 터미널에서 이적작업을 위한 장치장 크레인 작업할당
배종욱, 박영만
Yard Crane Dispatching for Remarshalling in an Automated Container Terminal
Jong-Wook Bae, Young-Man Park
A remarshalling is studied as an important operational strategy in an automated container terminal to enhance the productivity of container handling. This means the rearrangements of the containers scattered at a vertical yard block. The dispatching problem for remarshalling is selecting the remarshalling operation considering the available operation time and deciding the operation sequencing to maximize the effectiveness of remarshalling. This study develops the optimal mathematical model for yard crane dispatching problem with mixed integer program and explains dispatching problem using an example. However it is difficult to apply this model to a field problem because of its computational time. Therefore, we compare the representative 5 dispatching rules for real world adaption. In a numerical experiment, maximum weight ratio(MR) rule shows an overall outstanding performance.
Key Words: container terminal;remarshalling;dispatching;yard crane;mixed integer programming;dispatching rule

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