Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2003;27(2):171-178.
Published online June 30, 2003.
중심항만 개발전략의 유효성에 관한 연구
A Study on the Effectiveness of Hub Port Development Strategy
Chul-Hwan Han
Lately most Asian countries have tried to develop their ports into a hub port in their region. However, only a few studies examined the theoretical rationale for hub port strategy. Thus, this paper aims to identify the effectiveness of hub port development strategy in global and regional perspectives, respectively. For this aim, the paper conducts regression analysis on the relationship between port size and growth and calculates the Hirshman-Herfindahal Index on Asian container ports. According to the empirical results, larger ports have grown faster than smaller ports in the world container ports and European/North American ports. However, in the case of the Asian container ports, the result was opposite. And port concentration in Northeast Asian ports is decreasing gradually during the last two decades. Consequently, the effectiveness of hub port development strategy was not very strong in Northeast Asian region.
Key Words: Hub port development strategy;Container port;Port concentration;Hirshman-Herfindahal index

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