Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2002;26(4):473-479.
Published online October 31, 2002.
Hermite와 Spline 함수를 이용한 매립토공량 계산
문두열, 이용희, 이문재
On the Reclamation Earthwork Calculation using the Hermite and Spline Function
Du-Yeoul Mun, Yong-Hee Lee, Mun-Jae Lee
The estimation of the volume of a pit excavation is often required in many surveying, soil mechanics, highway applications and transportation engineering situations. The calculation of earthwork plays a major role in plan or design of many civil engineering projects such as seashore reclamation, and thus it fns become very important to improve the accuracy of earthwork calculation In this paper the spot height method, proposed formulas (A, B, C), and chen and Lin method are compared with the volumes of the pits in these examples. And we proposed an algorithm of finding a terrain surface with the free boundary conditions and both direction spline method which interpolates the given three dimensional data by using spline. The mathematical models of the conventional methods have a common drawback, i.e., the modeling curves form peak points at the joints. To avoid this drawback, the cubic spline polynomial was chosen as the mathematical model of the new method. From the characteristics of the cubic spline polynomial, the modeling curve of the new method was smooth and matched the ground profile well. As a result of this study, algorithm of proposed three methods to estimate pit excavation volume provided a better accuracy than spot height, chamber, chen and Lin method. And the mathematical model mentioned makes is thought to give a maximum accuracy in estimating the volume of a pit excavation.
Key Words: Pit excavation volume;Terrain surface;Seashore reclamation;Free boundary conditions;Accuracy;Cubic spline

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