Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2012;36(5):339-347.
Published online June 30, 2012.
다물체 요소이론을 이용한 예인줄 동역학의 모델링 및 시뮬레이션
윤현규, 이홍석, 박종규, 김연규
Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Towing Rope using Multiple Finite Element Method
Hyeon Kyu Yoon, Hong-Seok Lee, Jong Kyu Park, Yeon Gyu Kim
After towing rope connecting a barge to a tug was subdivided into multiple finite elements, then those dynamic models was established using Newton's second law and considering the external force and moment such as tension, drag, Coriolis force, gravity, buoyancy, and impact due to free surface acting on each element. While the previous research on the model of towing rope considered only translation, five-degree-of-freedom equations of motion except roll based on the body-fixed frame were established in this paper. All elements are connected by a spring and a damper, and the stiffness of the spring was set as the equivalent value of the real rope. In order to confirm the established multiple finite element model, various scenarios such as freely falling of towing rope in the air and above the free surface, accelerating of a tug which tows a barge connected by towing rope, and sinusoidal moving of a tug were set up and simulated. As the results, the trajectories of the tug, the barge, and the towing rope showed good tendencies to the ones of real expected situations.
Key Words: towing rope;multiple finite element method;tug;barge;modeling;simulation

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