Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2011;35(1):93-100.
Published online February 28, 2011.
부산항 부가가치 창출 방안에 관한 연구
강달원, 임동석, 남기찬, 최철희, 이동운
A Suudy on the Enhancing Value-Added Activities in Busan Port
Dal-Won Kang, Dong-Seok Lim, Ki-Chan Nam, Chul-Hee Choi, Dong-Woon Lee
This dissertation analysed actuality and literatures aimed at optimizing added value of Busan Port. As far as the literatures are concerned, the limits and the direction to go of Busan Port have been reached through analysing and comparing Busan Port, Antwerp Port, and Rotterdam Port by their each function. While Rotterdam and Antwerp Port are each functioning as an integrated port disposing container freight, general freight and liquid cargo, the container of Busan port contributes over 88 percent of its cargo and the function of the others like bulk is scattered to Ulsan, Masan, and Jinjae Port. Hereby, Busan Port needs to develop its function so as not to duplicate its function with the others in Korea and add value of theirs each. As a result of the local experts about analysing actuality, it turn out that it is similar with the literatures. In macroscopic view, specialization mainly with container, general cargo disposal ability enforcement and etc. are the most important. In microscopic view, rear complex of container tier and the supply base of liquid energy.
Key Words: AHP분석; Creation of Added Value;Integrated Hub Port;Port Competitiveness; Busan Port Development Direction;AHP;Analytic Hierarchy Process

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