Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2010;34(1):51-57.
Published online February 28, 2010.
해수교환방파제가 설치된 주문진항에서의 파고분포 해석
김남형, 윤현철, 구본수
The Analysis of Wave Height Distribution in the Jumunjin Fishery Port with Seawater-Exchange Breakwater
Nam-Hyeong Kim, Hyeon-Cheol Yun, Bon-Soo Koo
When estimating the calmness in a harbor, it is important that diffraction and reflection of irregular waves should be exactly calculated. The basic equation of the numerical model in this study was used Mild-slope equation, which has the advantage of which non-linearity with great influence lor the wave behavior can be considered, and a triangular mesh was generated by using finite element method. So as to verify the nonlinear effects, the results of the numerical model developed in this study are compared with the experimental and numerical results by other researchers. As a result, it is shown that the results in case of considering nonlinear wave are more exact for wave analysis than in case of not considering nonlinear wave. In order to apply this model, wave height distributions in Jumunjin fishery port installed a seawater-exchange breakwater are computed. From the results of this numerical analysis, when abnormal waves are intruded through the seawater-exchange breakwater, the results of the wave height distributions in the harbor are highly presented. Therefore, in order to get wave height low in the harbor, it is considered that the facility with the ability to protect the inflow of abnormal waves is needed.
Key Words: Mild-slope equation;Finite element method;Nonlinear;Jumunjin fishery port; Seawater-exchange breakwater

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