Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2007;31(7):589-595.
Published online September 30, 2007.
Numerica1 ana1ysis on Deformation of Seabed Structures with various size materials by DEM
Mi-Kum Kim, Chang-Je Kim
In the majority of previous studies on deformation of seabed structures using DEM, elements of structures have been assumed that it is composed with uniform materials or received fixed wave force, despite that actual submerged structures are composed with various size materials and influenced by complicated fluid field The goal of this study is to develop a new model for analysis of seabed structure deformation using discontinuous structures composed with various size materials. As the first phase, a model using DEM and VOF, which ron compute the deformation of submerged structures composed with various size materials. such as rubble mound structures, is proposed A model test is carried out and then the validity of the model is discussed.
Key Words: Distinct Element Method;Rubble mound;Submerged brealavater;VOF;Morison model; Rubble mound structure

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