Journal of Navigation and Port Research 2007;31(6):485-490.
Published online August 30, 2007.
제어봉에 의한 원형실런더 주위의 압력분포에 관한 수치해석
김옥석, 이경우, 조대환
Numerical Analysis on the Pressure Distributions around a Circular Cylinder by Control Rods
Ok-Sok Gim, Gyoung-Woo Lee, Dae-Hwan Cho
The purpose in having a control rod on a buoy system is to control the motion of it. The system may be composed entirely of a single circular cylinder and a long mooring anchor cable. A control rod has one function to perform in meeting its purpose, and that is to develop a control force in consequence of its orientation and movement relative to the water. The forces and moments generated as a result of the effects of mutual interference. then determine the stability characteristics of the body In this paper the study of control-rod-attached buoy's 2-dimensional section was accomplished model tests and numerical simulations had been carried out with different diameters of control rods. and varying the Reynolds number Re=5,000~25,000 based on the cylinder diameter( D=50mm) to predict the performance of the body and the 2 frame particle tracking method had been used to obtain the velocity distribution in the flow field 50mm circular cylinder had been used during the whole experiments and measured results had been compared with each other.
Key Words: 입자영상유속계(PIV);수치해석(Fluent); Circular cylinder;Contril rod;Flow control;Pressure distribution;Particle image velocimetry; Flow visualization;Numerical analysis(Fluent)

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